IKRPG Requiem on sale at the Bundle of Holding!

Offer available til Monday, May 29, 2023! And the sale helps benefit Direct Relief! If you want the PDFs done to date, this is a virtual STEAL. Thanks to the PP gang for doing the bundle with the BOH crew! :smiley:


  • Iron Kingdoms: Requiem corebook
  • IK Monsternomicon (5E)
  • IK GM’s Toolkit
  • Legend of the Witchfire
  • An Echo in the Darkness


  • Borderlands and Beyond
  • The Borderlands Survival Guide
  • 3 IK Borderlands adventures

It’s a VERY good deal. I would love to see this bring more folks into the fold.

Now I need to convince my group to play this next GM rotation :smirk:

Also, I’m glad it’s Bundle of Holding rather than Humble Bundle 'cause BoH is linked to my Drive-Thru RPG account.


Just a quick reminder: the offer expires tomorrow!

Don’t forget there’s the DLC classes both at the Privateer Store as well as DrivethruRPG!

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