Hunting Dog Command Attachment - Mark Target? Would this ever be useful

So I’ve been scratching my head on the thoughts behind Hunting Dog Command Attachment usefulness of this model. I get the reposition option, thats fine. The Pathfinder is good to.

Mark Target - how the hell do you suppose you use Mark Target with a Command Attachment model to long range gunners and not have them all wiped out.

Is this just something that will not be used much, and or do you throw the unit away getting Mark Target out throwing them down field? I would think making this a solor, and or long leash or something making it more useful would make sense.

Am I missing something?


The dog only costs 1 point and for that you get extra speed for the unit (the dog is faster than they are and you can use it to move the others), repo 3, pathfinder and a bad melee attack. So as you say, everything makes sense before mark target.

Mark target is a fantastic extra rule though. Early in a game it’s easy to use repo3 (the unit can keep aiming and repositioning forever and get wider apart) to have mark target cover near your lines.

You’ll also get a chance to use it as sharpshooters naturally die.

Another way to use it is to have the dog keep repositioning until it’s behind a nice piece of terrain like a forest or cloud, and as a turn starts walk out, drop the sharpshooters down, shoot, and have the dog repo forwards and them back and apart. Killing 1-2 models there and applying +2 to hit on a key target. That pays for the unit by itself, truly.

Mark target is also a fantastic bonus if the dog is just running to contest something. It’s a cheap unit to throw away to contest that brings you benefits.

The mark target command card costs 2 points and +2 to hit for guns for your whole army is a really significant buff so applied well it’s pretty powerful.


I read it as a crucial late game ability certainly


Fair point, ifs just a weird add to the rest if the card, buy i do see where you’re going with late endgame.

I think that’s what really makes a lot of newer models (especially solos) interesting to me, not just in their ability to provide good support, but also in their late stage gameplay when you’re just trying to knock out just enough models to win

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Winter Korps has a lot of shooting with unimpressive RAT. Mark target is a great utility tool to have for that critical round of shooting.

And, as Challenger pointed out, troopers move individually during Reposition, so you can have the sharpshooters hang back or spread out while bringing the doggy forward.


Oh, I never thought about that. So he can just keep inching forwards from cover to cover forever, while the rest of the unit hangs back? I’m going to have to get used to not thinking of the 2" as an actual unit coherency thing, but just as a movement thing.

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Yeah “coherency” is only tied to deployment and movement.


Think of it this way. Normally when there are less warrior models left to kill then can now run near jacks etc and boost your other units ability to shoot at Jacks etc. Plus this stacks with Kill Order. I like it because they can also be near one model that is coming at you while still shooting at solos etc further away from the line of action. The Mark target doesn’t have to be for the Snipers thenselves.

I played a few games with the neo-widowmakers plus puppy under ekatarina. The repostion rule on the unit is clearly undercosted, mark the target is just bonus. They start to behave like ninjas on the table with the “teleport” unit move plus reposition.

Yup, after a couple of turns aiming and repositioning they may go Puff! and suddenly all appear in one place.

One of the absurdities of mk4 unit movement. “I may have been 300 metres from my dog, aiming my sniper rifle, but when he charged someone I appeared next to my good boy in a blink of an eye” :wink:

Except it doesn’t work that way. :slight_smile:

The dog and one of the snipers can end their activation roughly 8" apart. That’s effectively identical to the positioning allowed by MK III CMD ranges.

That ≈8" distance is constant. There’s no way that I can see for these models to end their movement any further separated than that. How far a given model “teleported” is irrelevant.

The rest of the MK IV unit movement complaints have been trodden to death. It’s not going to change, especially given that the preponderance of feedback I’ve seen has been in favor of the new movement rules. :slight_smile:

While I agree with the sentiment of most of what you’ve said… Repo can make the rules a little bit like what @Cyel was referring too, where each model in the unit repos a little bit away from each other each turn, then all ports to one place once one full advances. Like if you were to only repo for the first 6 turns and then full advance the 7th turn, one model could teleport like movement + 36" or something crazy like that? Now, while it’s legal to do that and fully part of how the game works right now, I doubt we’ll see it often, just because it’s so weird to try and use a unit in that way for the entire game

…but the next turn your entire squad (and firepower) is 6 inches plus 3 inches away from any of those 8 inches appart model. I have been searching for the MK IV unit movement complaint post. Is it on this forum as here would not be the place to discuss it.