Huge-based Additional 2-inch slam/throw movement only applies to Power Attacks?

Just checking - RAW, it looks like a huge based model would not benefit from the additional 2" distance on a slam or throw that isn’t specifically a Slam Power Attack or Throw Power Attack. The smaller model wouldn’t move an extra 2 inches if the slam or throw is caused by a critical effect or ability that triggers on a hit and says that a model is thrown?

For example, Helga the Conquerer’s feat Grand Finale says:

… the enemy model can be slammed d6" directly away from the attacking model.

The way I’m reading it, a Meat Thresher would not get the extra 2 inches for being a huge based model, because the book says:

Smaller based models hit by a slam power attack made by a huge-based model are moved an additional 2".

Is this as intended, or should the rule be interpreted such that a smaller based model thrown or slammed by a huge based model is moved an extra 2 inches?

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Correct. The extra 2" only applies to Power Attacks. Helga’s Feat does not cause the models to make Power Attacks, but rather to just be Slammed.

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