How does movement on and off a plateau work?

The question in detail:

Is moving up a plateau open terrain? It says in the battlegrounds, a hill is an example of a plateau. Should this apply to tall plateaus, larger than 1 inch? What if it’s terraced, and a model moves up an inch, then horizontally 2 inches, then up another inch tall step? Can we charge up a plateau? Does size matter? What about being slammed off a 4” plateau? Does it fall? We can’t fall off hills, but a plateau isn’t a gradual slope, like a hill is in the main rules.

How we’re playing it at the house

I like plateaus, because they’re easier to balance models on, but think we need some rules cleanup. At the house, we’re treating plateaus as open terrain up to 1”, but climbing higher costs 2” of movement. We’re treating contacting the edge of a plateau as though a model contacts an obstruction (to handle charging and slam rules). And we are allowing falling from plateaus with enough height. Thoughts?

Relevant rules…

A plateau as defined in the Battlegrounds is “an elevated platform at least 1” above the table, such as a hill or terrace.”

In the main rules, a hill is defined as “open terrain, and models move up and down it normally.”

An obstruction is defined as a terrain feature 1” tall or greater, such as a building, high wall, rock formation, or other feature. Obstructions are difficult terrain. Only models with Flight or Incorporeal can move through obstructions. Models with flight can move onto obstructions large enough to accommodate their bases. Some structures …[probably should say obstructions here]… can be climbed upon using ladders, stairs, or elevators.

Modeled stairs – the box says the stair and ladder rules should “only be applied to abstract stairs that are not actually modeled to allow a model to move over and stand on them,” but does not restrict stair step size.

Pic of plateau, because pics say 1000 words.


For going up the plateau, I think that your rules make sense. They are similar to climbing stairs/ladders, and makes sense. So, for 1" or greater, you would want to take extra movement.

For falling, there is a whole section on fall damage.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m inclined to use tall terrain features precisely because of that falling damage section!

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I 100% support fun terrain and rules.