How do you decide which defenses you deploy

In Defenses & tournament play - are they locked in the list? it is made clear that you pick defenses at list selection. However (unless I’m missing something) I haven’t found a way to pick the defenses in the app.

If you are going first you get 2 defenses and if you are going second you get 3 defenses. At list building do you pick 2+3 defenses (2 1st player defenses and 3 2nd player defenses), 2+1 defenses (2 1st and 2nd player defenses and 1 2nd-player-only defense), or 3 defenses and if you go first you pick on the fly which one you aren’t deploying?

The latter: you select 3 defences in list building: the app has a category for defense’s if you take the card (similar to the drop down for solos, units etc)

If you go first, you choose 2 of those 3 to deploy at that time.

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You should have them built into your list in the app. Add the card, then go back to your list and customize which defenses you want at the bottom.