Hope for Mk4 Prime Legacy Flame in the Darkness Army?

The late Mk3 Flame in the Darkness Army was not listed as one of the Legacy forces that will be making it into Mk4 Prime.

While sad that I might not be able to use a bunch of really cool models in the main competitive play format, I thought it also kind of made sense, since the Infernal wars are done and the temporary alliance must be broken, the Thamarites back in hiding etc.

Reading some of the fluff now however, it seems Morrowans, Thamarites, and even followers of the Maiden of Gears are living and working somewhat openly in new Cygnar, making me hope the army might be considered for a Prime Legacy Force.

Do you see any hope for the theme? Would you like them to return?

I feel that compared to other cross-faction themes Flame in the Darkness is mainly compromised of models that are found nowhere else (i.e. Farrow are not specific to Vengeance of Dhunia etc.) and are theme specific ( and look awesome on top!), and it would be a pity to not see them on the table more.

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Yea it feels bad for a lot of us who bought in parts of a faction for these cross faction themes. They really need to make it Prime, though not sure how they function without he archons

I think Flame in the Darkness could work well without Archons, as the other solos and units are actually pretty decent.

Warriors of the Old Faith could too, but the Menite Archon was a bit of a „pillar“ for it

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Honestly, I hope they don’t bring back cross-faction themes in Mk IV. They were a cool idea for the Oblivion campaign, but should have just stayed there. Plus with the restart on armys, I would hope we can get through all the single faction prime armies before even entertaining muddying the waters with things like Flames or SB.

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In principle I agree, but feel Flames should be an exception to the rule, as it is less a „cross-faction“ theme, and more a mercenary theme, with its own unique and „proprietary“ units and solos found nowhere else, and just the casters and jacks being mixed.

In Mk4 you could have the same unit and solos choices as in Mk3 (excluding the Archons for Prime), Constance Blaize, Zerkova1 and Jakes, with a limited selection of Merc, Cygnar and Khador jacks.

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Yes, I would like to see it return.


I think an opportunity was missed with Flames. They could have introduced two more Thamarite warcasters, and rounded out the army. It might have gone the way of Infernals, losing one of the themes, but the core units, casters, and solos could have persisted as its own army, with some select warjacks. Gallant, constance, and a few others. Whatever my opinion, the fact remains that there are players who aren’t coming back because they didn’t get to play their army.

Flames came out circa 2019, covid hit, and there was barely any time to enjoy this army before it was tossed. It sucks for everyone involved.

I wish this one had made it into prime.

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Yeah. I had just got all of my Flames models painted when the world told me I wasn’t allowed to play with anyone for two years, after which the list was obsolete.

It’s not really a cross-faction list either, because it has such a unique theme to it, and many models which, although Cygnar partisans in Mk3, were very specifically Morrowan rather than Cygnaran.

I guess one can say that most of their warriors got themselves killed during the Claiming, considering how these guys probably found themselves in the thickest of battles… but we have other people who “officially” died finding their way into Mk4 Prime armies, too.


Definitely would like to see some version of Flames in either Prime or Unlimited. It was a really cool concept and it really sucks for anyone that bought the new Order of Illumination models and barely got table time with them.