Hooch Hauler- beer wagon rules

So how does this actually work? The first sentence suggests it’s just a permanent aura, that constantly affects the models around it. But then it says it last for a round, despite there being no way to actually trigger the ability. Clarification would be good!


I suspect the “for one round” bit is a typo. :slight_smile:

But we’ll need an Infernal (assuming they still exist?) or a developer to say for sure?

Yeah I’d assume so for sure. There’s a small chance it’s missing ‘this model can use beer wagon at any point during its activation’, but deleting the extra sentence would make a lot more sense.

As there isn’t an activation clause anywhere, I would go with the One Round being a typo.

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Could be intentional, so that models that get pushed out of the aura by the ability itself don’t lose the effect.

But the “one round” effect is Beer Wagon – which only affects models within 5" of the Hooch Hauler. It could be they intended Stumbling Drunk to last that long, sure, but it’s something that needs a ruling as-is. :slight_smile:

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I reported this one a long time ago without response. I assumed the first sentence on the mk3 card was left out. Originally, if I recall correctly, it was an always on thing, then got turned into an anytime ability because of negative play experience with the champions and things that want to not get pushed.

It’s always on. The stumbling drunk rule when handed out individually lasts a round. It can definitely be omitted on the hooch hauler.

Stumbling Drunk does not have a duration specified by default:

No timing clause.

There’s an implicit “And obviously, if you are not within 5 inches of the model with Beer Wagon, you lose Stumbling Drunk”, per the way an absolute plethora of other rules are worded. :slight_smile:

As it is right now, it is unquestionably the case that you only gain Stumbling Drunk while you’re within 5" of the Hooch Hauler. :slight_smile:

The only other possible interpretation is “models that are ever at any point within 5 inches of Beer Wagon have it forever”, but then you’re implicitly saying that any rule that says “gains X” but doesn’t explicitly say “and here is how you lose X” grants the rule permanently. And I’m pretty sure we can break the game with that, which is why it can’t be the correct interpretation. :slight_smile:

It is a typo. For now models should only have Stumbling Drunk while in the area. Ignore 1 round portion. I believe it used to be tied to an action or battle plan like menu at one point in testing and this is likely an artifact of that.