Helping someone run faction-pure with Empire of the Apes

Hello. I’m running a (fairly successful!) Dimensional Doorways league. One of my locals is intent upon running more or less faction-pure with Empire of the Apes, based mostly on aesthetic reasons.

I’m totally fine with that reason, mind you! :slight_smile:

I want to offer him as much help as I can while allowing him to work within his constraints. I have a pretty good sense of the advice I’ll give him – I mean, there are only 3 total monster pairings in question! :slight_smile: – but I have a bit of a gap when it comes to personal experience with Apes. (His Gakura is the first Gakura I’ve ever seen in person, for example.)

I wanted to ask for some advice in case somebody has some interesting tactics or strategy that I haven’t considered. I’m willing to give a slight amount of purchasing advice, but generally only buildings, and a limited number of buildings, at this point in time. Try to keep the building suggestions as generic as possible. (So, nothing like “If you play Hondo, take 4 Tokyo Triumphs.” :stuck_out_tongue: )

His collection includes more or less the following:

General Hondo
King Kondo

At least one of every Empire of the Apes unit blister, possibly two each for the Gunners and Bombers.

He also has a G-Tank & Repair Truck pack. They’re very much already on my “You know, if you want to put just a few non-Ape units in…” list. :slight_smile:

His non-Apartment buildings include:

GUARD Defense Base
Industrial Complex
Jungle Fortress
Corporate Headquarters

I’d appreciate any thoughts you have!

The Imperial State Building and Mount Terra are ones I put in pretty much every list as their actions come up the most frequently. The ISB can snag another good building at the right time for some truly epic plays, and Mount Terra is great for getting monsters out of danger on unit turns. If he’s set on running faction pure, the Void Gate and Toxic Waste Depot are going to play really well together even in Protectors. Being able to cheat out a cost 2 unit with Empower on the Void Gate and have additional movement options with a Toxic Waste Depot is invaluable.

His units are pretty set with being Apes. Fortunately, all of the monsters he has buff the units fairly well. I’d put Gakura at the highest priority for a pair, and either of the other two would be fine. Gakura is quite the generalist or “peanut butter” monster, so he pairs well with everything with his extra attack in hyper, high mobility, 11 health, and costless unit buff. Hondo offers a good amount of survivability and 2 monsters with extra attacks in hyper is pretty scary. King Kondo can make the ape units, particularly assault apes, pretty gnarly. A few assault apes using Power Hitter can even threaten a monster.

I saw She3pdog’s reply. Does anyone else have any thoughts? :slight_smile: