Harlan Sek’s Blade is a Sword

I believe we have a typo on Harlan Sek’s card. His “Fusion Blade” has different stats from all other blades, namely, it is POW 4 instead of 3. It has the same stats as all other “Fusion Sword” weapons however, but is named differently.

What do you believe: Is this a typo?

I believe it could be named “Fusion Pool Noodle” and still be POW 4. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no reason to think there’s a typo of any sort. Different models can have a weapon with the same name but different stats.

I do generally agree with you, and it would be a fun conversion to give him an actual pool noodle :wink:, but apart from his fusion blade, I don’t know any other instance of a weapon with the same name having a different POW. So I was genuinely wondering whether this one instance was just an oversight.

actually it’s the same fusion blade statline as antecessors and saber strikeforce, so technically not unique to him, why the pow 4 variety is called blade on empyreans/sek and sword on other models, no clue

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Maybe it’s the same weapon but he’s just stronger, or more skilled at using it, so it does more damage in his hands.

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Perhaps human-made fusion blades are POW3. But Sek collects alot of alien artifacts. So maybe this is an Empyrean fusion blade.