Hampton Roads Atlanteans Warmachine (Norfolk, VA)

The Hampton Roads Atlanteans Warmachine group meets every Sunday at Atlantis Games & Comics in Norfolk, VA from Noon until 5pm. We are a casual play wargaming group whose players has a mix of skill levels and interests in a variety of Privateer Press games. We currently primarily play Warmachine Mk4, but have player who play Monpoc and Riot Quest regularly, and have several members that own model for but do not actively play Warcaster.

We currently are focused on open play pickup games of Warmachine Mk4 from 50 to 75pts, and have a few members playing through the Black Tide campaign. We frequently run a variety of organized play events including Journeyman or other Escalation focused leagues, campaigns, and the occasional Tournament. Come check us out if you live in the Hampton Roads or Mid/Southern Virginia region. Loaner models and/or demo games are available upon previous request. You can find out more information by joining out FB group @ Hampton Roads Atlanteans Warmachine/Hordes | Facebook , by joining our Discord server @ Hampton Roads Atlanteans, and/or contacting me (HuronBH/Jay Powell) here on the new Privateer Press community page.

We play at Atlantis Games & Comics in Norfolk, VA.

The Address is:
9651 1st View St,
Norfolk, VA 23503