Guard Towers 12 months on

Seems like a lot of players aren’t convinced. Which is, I suppose, the point.


Two days of discussion and one user (pretty fanatically though) is expressing current Guard tower rules are good. I think that tells enough to me.

Luckily I don’t need to play with them and if someone has bought some those do work well as obstructions. The “official” rules are unlikely to change so we just forget those even exist and PP can use resources to design something new. The ship has already sailed.

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For point A and B, I disagree. Measuring to one model inside isn’t going to be a problem most of the time. If it is packed with small based models, then you can’t see the guys in the back anyway.

And when your opponent says “I think I can draw LOS”, then what? :slight_smile:

Same thing as when your opponent says “I think these models on opposite sides of this big building are just within 12” of each other, which matters because [reasons].

You measure it. You use tools, proxies, markers, etc. You deal with it.


…which requires you to disassemble the structure and look. Which potentially results in the game state changing, especially for the models on the top floor.

On the other hand, “measure to the building” means the specific position of the models inside doesn’t matter, so if and when stuff gets shuffled when you take it apart to remove dead models, the game state isn’t affected. :slight_smile:

It’s a lot cleaner in practice.

And I can’t help but feel if it worked the other way, somebody would be arguing about how their micrometer-precision-measurements and perfect placement skills would be negatively impacted if Privateer “dumbed it down” and made players measure to just the building. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s literally the same thing though that happens with walls, buildings, etc.
Could it happen? Sure. Are buildings currently cumbersome and generally not liked as much? Also yes.

That’s seven individual people participating in the discussion in total. And at least one of them (me) didn’t really comment on the rules for Guard towers at all. I’d say the sampling isn’t exactly waterproof if you want to draw any conclusions.

Just like the forum users in general present only a small sampling of the player base in total.


To get more opinions I asked about Guard Towers in Warmachine and Hordes discord server. This is the responses I got:

You can notice that there is one upvote but actually that one is from me as I made it equally easy to vote both options. So out of 25 responses not a single person likes the current rules and the vast majority are strictly negative.