Good places to buy STLs for terrain?

We’d like to make our tables look a bit more interesting and varied, both for Warmachine and Iron Kingdoms. Where are some good, legit places to get terrain? A friend pointed me to one place but I can’t tell what’s legit and what’s “somebody else’s IP/work stolen then modified.”

I want to support the actual creators, not thieves, you know?

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I mainly seem to end up buying terrain STLs in Kickstarter. There’s pretty much a constanct stream of stl terrain projects. But if you see an old project you want, most sellers on Kickstarter have their own website and/or sell on or I believe that anything you buy from those two sites will probably be the original creator’s work.

2 Likes is very convenient for sure. If you’re into the “Victorian Steam” (is that what steampunk is?) aspect of warmachine, this might be of interest to you:

I really like the more whimsical style of this Frontier (think of it like an stl kickstarter) called Hexengarde as it hits more of Warmachine’s “Curvature” aesthetic in my estimation:

In terms of natural terrain, RMPrintable is running a Frontier where you can snag more than you’d ever need:


I would go check on my mini factory under buldozer terrain. This is a project created by a warmachine players for warmachine table


Workbench Maniac is a guy from the official discord who did a bunch of terrain for WTC, and is working on more terrain for this year!

His shit’s dope as fuck!


A lot of the stuff used by the guys from the Minority Report came from Printable Scenery . Been meaning to pick up and print some myself from them