Ghosts pre-order question

I saw the post about the variant commander with ghosts of IOS pre-orders on Facebook and wanted to check if this was included in all pre-orders or just those direct with PP?
I put a pre-order in with the UK stockist months ago (1st of Feb in fact) just wondering if I should expect the extra chap or not.


That’s probably a good question for :slight_smile:

Did you get an answer on this? I’m in the same boat as you.

I am in the same boat as I pre-ordered through my LGS. It looks like I’ll find out today as they seemed to have received our pre-orders.

I also noticed that they haven’t updated the community page post on here with the release schedules.

EDIT: My LGS got the alternate sculpt commander.

Matt Wilson is probably pretty busy this time of year. Con season is rapidly approaching!

(Not that I think he ever really slows down anyway, but… :sweat_smile: )

I never got round to emailing but i should get my box in the next couple of days so we shall see.