Ghosts of Ios - help with painting ideas

Hi all, inspiration needed. I’m excited about the imminent arrival of my Cadre box, and I’m thinking they should have a slightly different look to my main army (not least as they are living!). Does anyone have some suggestions for a colour scheme? I’m thinking possibly white, to hint back to old Ret stuff, with green gems and some purple to link to my Dusk army (photo attached). If anyone has any picture of any models in similar colours and any suggested recipes or links to painting videos, to help me make these zing, I’d be very grateful.


Picking one color that stays in common for all models in your army helps tie it together, despite different themes between main body and cadre. Looking at your current army, I think the purple would be a good choice. It doesn’t need to feature very heavily in the cadre models, just enough to give the impression of being there.

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