Generator rule thoughts

Curious how people are feeling about the Mk4 version of the Generator rule. I feel like I’ve been advocating for Retribution warjacks to get Power Field almost since I started playing in Mk2, but the gorax paw I wished on chose to fulfill my wish by removing the Force Field boxes in exhange.

I haven’t gotten as many games in with Mk4 as I’d like, but so far it feels like this works out okay provided you’re able to get focus on the right jacks at the right time. Force Fields often made Ret jacks pretty resilient to having lucky shots take out an early system, which Power Field can also do if you have the Focus available.

The place that the change really seems to hurt is the Phoenix Field jacks; Aspis, Phoenix, and Imperatus. The Aspis feels like it kinda struggles to fulfill it’s role as a tough Shield Guard for it’s points and lack of any other real role; RNG1 POW 11’s still aren’t particularly scary. Imperatus feels especially hard hit because it also lost a lot of the utility of Phoenix Protocol. Granted Imperatus was always weak to rules like Grevious Wounds, but at least it had the potential to heal almost half it’s health back in the event you were able to play around GW. Healing back only 5 health feels a lot less impactful, though admittedly it’s much cheaper than it used to be.

Anyway, I don’t really have a point or suggestions or anything, I just was curious how other people who have probably played more than I have in Mk4 were feeling about it.

imperatus is grossly overcosted and is a problem imo but powerfield can be useful because a lot of the time, the opponent will forget your jacks can do it.

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Powerfield is really solid and remove rtedundant rules. I got to face a phoenix with two focus that I was sure to smash into the ground with the great bear mace… nothing happened thanks to the power field.


They are strong but (so far) not oppressive.

I have always felt Generators should be giving Phoenix Field to myrmidons instead though, granting D6 generator hitbox regen. Then for Aspis, Phoenix, Impy, and the Colossal’s phoenix field, make it special by granting D6+3 instead.

I’d really like to see Imperatus get a touch up. I’m not sure what it needs to match it’s lore in a way that is balanced in a world where Grevious Wounds is on a Command Card but it definitely doesn’t feel great for The Most Redundant Warjack Ever Built to be reduced to sometimes healing 5 boxes when it dies.

It feels kind of underpowered. I wish it was a little less situational and tactical. It really feels like I have to play 4D chess and know the answers to life to get any use out of it