Future army wishes

I really want to see more of Zu. I would also love to see what the Skorne have been up to after Hexeris grabbed all those Iosan-Skorne Arcanika modules. Dusk made a Void Conductor/Engine and some strange weapons with the new tech. I do wonder what our favorite eastern tyrants will do with them.


Maybe it just used its psychic powers to avoid drawing attention. A “these are not the droids you are looking for” kind of mind trick.

The Occultation spell has been described in numerous pieces of fiction to work in this way. Strakhov infiltrated a Cryxian hive to rescue Karchev by donning a few pieces of Cephalyx Drudge gear and letting the spell complete the illusion.

So, wear a fake mustache, glasses and an enormous turban to hide the bloated cranium, cast Occultation, and you should be fine.

PP has stated that “only humans successfully passed the void gate”, but Cephalyx are originally human. They should totally be fine.


Yeah, but Cephalyx are WEIRD. They really dislike being touched physically and will freak out if their gear is ever removed. I guess a Cephalyx could hide in the crowd, but actually interacting with anyone after they make it to Cyriss would be a tall order.

Then again, a Cyrissist machine body lich hanging around (and who is trusted enough by the refugees to be able to build the AC) that know the Cephalyx could fascilitate that, I guess.

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I don’t know enough about the lore, but I really want an army with a similar kind of “knightly” aesthetic as the Exemplars.

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Industrialized Skorne. Skorne that learned how to build warjacks from Ios slaves. Maybe the might houses lost everything and new political movements are forming with in the old Skorne empire.

I’d much perfer a warbeast Skorne but warjack Skorne would be fun too.


Yes gobbers! I forgot about that, I don’t remember if people said gobbers couldn’t be warcasters but I don’t care I still think it’d be great.

Or their warjacks are all piloted by gobbers and the leader just yells at them to do stuff. Like Malvin and Mayhem.


The Retribution of Scyrah is as dead as Scyrah now, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dusk is what is left of Ios’ population. We’ve got tiny numbers of living Iosans outside the borders, but most of the Ret leadership didn’t survive The Claiming.

Heck, even the ultra-fanatical Eiryss gave up on killing human mages now that all the Iosan gods are dead. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am hoping that eventually we see another status change for the elves. The way Ghyrrshyld seems to allow himself to be killed by Falcir in Henge Hold 2 implies to me that he has some sort of plan; I’m wondering if even now he’s in the Veld working to rebuild the Iosian pantheon.

If that is PP’s plan though I imagine any fruits of it in the form of a new Army would be a long way off.

I don’t think he allowed that to happen. It was not immediately obvious, but Falcir had been subtly stacking all her runes on Gryrrshyld in preparation for the assassination.

It’s an interesting take on that scene, though! I definitely didn’t consider that angle.

Are they? I thought I had read that elves outside of Ios weren’t affected by the god killing event and since the retribution was outside of Ios at the time, they should be fine right? Also, I had read that there might actually be another elven god alive that they hadn’t accounted for.

My reading of it basically comes down to the fact that he seemed to know it was coming and gave Elara permission ahead of time to do what she ended up doing.

That and a healthy dose of wishful thinking don’t buy me much though lol

Borderlands & Beyond states that all Iosian births are Soulless now, so there’s no rebuilding the population of living Iosians. Soulless seem to be drawn to the eldrich, so eventually they will be all that’s left unless something changes.

I’d want a Greylord Army, either refugees from the purge or full Infernalists that strike from the shadows against Orgoth and other Fellgoeth allies, but I guess it’s hard to make them work.

A Llael Army seems a must.

A Skorne dual faction, with a Beasts Army and a Tech one.

Iosan infernal hunters’ Army, jacks based on Moros and Hemera.


I’m hoping an army called the giants of bemoth becomes a reality!

Could be a great tie-in when PP revisits the dragons coming back since there’s some historical animosity between the two.

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I’m trying to learn more about them.

I personally am looking forward to whatever fresh madness the Crucible Guard has gotten up to. We might have access to All the attack types now! I also hoping of Character Units.

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I’d like a new Durant but suitable for small games. I like the character a lot (read “Godless”), and think he’d do well with more focus!

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For sure would like to see a full robot army like a continuation coc or something. and a dinosaur giant insect army.

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