Flight, Flying Models, Battle Brig Leadership and loss of Flight

Nit-picky, but asking for clarification that:

  1. A model with the “Flight” Model Advantage is a “flying model” by virtue of the sentence “This model can fly.”
  2. A model does not have to be actively advancing in order to be considered “flying” (because of 1).
  3. A model is affected by Leadership [friendly flying models] while it has the Flight Model Advantage (naturally, or by any other means), and this applies even while not actively advancing (because of 1 and 2).
  4. Removal of Flight (via any reason, such as Bladed Gale) means the model is no longer a “flying model” because of 1.
  5. A model affected by removal of Flight is no longer affected by Leadership [friendly flying models], because of 4 and 3.

Tracks and makes sense

That all tracks with me

  1. Correct.

  2. Nothing about the Flight advantage requires you to advance to have the Flight advantage. :slight_smile: Flight does special things while the model with Flight is advancing, but if you have the icon/gained Flight some other way (and nothing has taken Flight away, like being knocked down or affected by a spell/feat that removes Flight), then you are a “flying model” and can be referred to as such per the “Game Terms” section of the rules.

  3. Correct. (And: advancing still has nothing to do with it.)

  4. Correct. If a model loses the Flight advantage, the model can no longer be referred to by that rule.

  5. Correct.

(Edited to add: huh. Apparently a bunch of people responded while I was typing this. Apparently I was very slow on the draw.)