First Season Completed - Lessons Learned

I was introduced to this game this year and picked up MK4 Khador. Despite a roller coaster of emotions I opted to stick it out focusing on learning the game with a consistent army as best as I could. I thought I would share some lessons learned as maybe players in similar shoes can learn something with me.

  1. You really do not need access to a full force org of models for your army. If I had it to do over again I would buy two of each box, the preview set, one tank and a fourth great Bear. I have not really ever seen a need to play 4 of the same unit in most cases. Definitely not so much at 75 points. If anything maybe the Arcanists would be good for a third copy but not required.

  2. If you come from 40K with dreams of going full shooty like, you might struggle. This is from both a game mechanic side and a managing the time on your clock side.

  3. It is very hard to focus on playing the objective vs just attacking models on the table. If I had to start the year over I would focus more on this. If you are teaching someone new focus with them on this.

  4. All armies are not equal, but everyone hates something about playing against every army. Figure out what that is and lean in on it as that is usually what your army is good at.

  5. I played over 100 games as Khador this season. If I had to do it over again I would have played less, and spent a decent amount of time playing other MK4 armies as well. Sometimes the best way to defend against an army is seeing things from their perspective. This is not meant in any way to say you need to play X games with any army.

  6. As a new player Tactician goes a long, long way. Know what has that in your army and play with it for a few games.

Bonus Tip: If you ever get a chance to find/buy a set of black privateer press Vegas style dice buy them, or message me and sell me yours. Those dice roll ridiculously well.