Exorcism - Vulcar Forge Master - does it remove friendly spells?

When the Vulcar Forge Master in Orgoth Sea Raiders uses Exorcism do current FRIENDLY upkeep spells stay on your war jack?

For example:

Parasite, cast by an enemy Bane Witch Agathia, is on Tyrant 1.

Redline, cast by your own Sabbeth, is on Tyrant 1.

Then Vulcar Forge Master uses Exorcism on Tyrant 1.

According to the wording for Exorcism:
“Rng 1. Target friendly Faction Warjack. If the warjack is in range, enemy upkeep spells and amini on the warjack immediately expire. Additionally, the warjack gains Spell Ward. ( A model with Spell Ward cannot be targeted by spells)”

Does Redline stay on Tyrant 1? I assume yes but would like clarification.

Nothing is exorcism interacts with a preexisting friendly upkeep. It would, however, prevent putting redline on after exorcism is up so order of activation matters here.