Episode 24 - Bokur Brawl and List Building with Travis Marg

Our latest podcast is out! In this episode, we discuss some of the newest updates, Bokur Brawl and list building in MKIV. We are joined by special guest, Travis Marg :slight_smile:



I’m listening to (and enjoying) your podcast as I give the really fun rules for Khymaera another pass, but I heard a tidbit that I would like to clear up:

You absolutely can fire out of the bunker! The front has an open viewport (admittedly difficult to see in our photo) and the sides/back have additional firing ports to defend it.

The guard tower offers range extension as its advantage while the bunker offers full protection to the unit inside.

The stock bunker that has existing rules has 1 door in the rear. When designing it, we realized that through creative keying we could give increased opportunity for fun configurations. These configurations don’t have official rules, they’re just added opportunity for players to innovate with the terrain and change things up. The massive double bunker does not have a sculpted door at ground level. We recommend treating the seams on the sides as ladders to reach the roof hatch for entry.



Awesome! Thanks for the feedback and clarification! We’re looking forward to playing with the bunker at our LGS :slight_smile: