Eidolon Force Cannon Knockdown Effect

The Eidolon’s Force Cannon says “In addition to a normal damage roll, large-based models hit by this attack become knocked down.” Does this apply to small and medium models (ie, large-base and smaller) or only to large models? Hasn’t come up when I’ve played with Dusk (Bowling With Cultists tends to be hard on the cultists) but I’m curious.

Medium and smaller are slammed, so kd comes with that

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To the rules! :slight_smile:

So, Momentum has two parts to it, because it affects differently-sized models differently. Breaking it down:

This explains how Momentum affects small-based and medium-based models: they’re slammed d3" on a direct hit. This only affects small- and medium-based models. If the rule ended here, then nothing else special would happen to a large-based model hit by this attack, beyond the POW 14 damage roll listed on the weapon.

But, then we have:

So, this adds a new feature: if a large-based model is hit (not directly hit, mind you! Though this only matters with AOEs) , it gets knocked down. Large-based models are never slammed by Momentum, because the slam portion specifies small and medium-based models.

Note that small- and medium-based models are knocked down by default as part of a slam, though, barring any special rules (such as Steady) that might prevent it. :slight_smile:

One other item:

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “bowling with cultists”, but I’m assuming you’re targeting enemy Infernal cultist models. Just remember that, unlike previous editions, and unless otherwise specified (i.e. Berserk), you can only target enemy models with attacks. So, no slamming your own dudes into the opponent. :slight_smile:


Yes, I targeted Infernal Cultist models, and knocked one of them into two more, killing all three. I wouldn’t do that to my own troops, at the 50pt level where I spend most of my time, troops are too precious to be wasted like that!

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As a note as well, a Slammed model stops when it contacts a model of equal or larger base size, so a small based cultist will stop when it hits another small based cultist and won’t carry over into a third.
So, you can get all three of them are in a triangle, but not a line.

I know, and they were indeed in a triangle, not a line. The Infernal player though his cultists were out of range and they were not. :smiley:

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