Does the Savagery Card give Savagery to Power Attacks?

Pretty much the title. When using the savagery card, does it give Savagery to power attacks, such as trample? Saw someone suggest this recently, but I’m thinking since the card specifically says it gives the melee weapons on a model Savagery, it wouldn’t then work on a power attack. Also, was trample always only over small based models only? I had thought it was smaller based models for the longest time

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With a Trample it is making a melee attack roll, so it uses its MAT, but it is not tied to any weapon and therefore doesn’t benefit from any special abilities associated with a weapon. So, Savagery won’t help it.


Yes. Some models had a special rule allowing them to trample over other sizes, but the default for Trample has always been small bases only.

Malkav13 is correct. Trample (or any other power attack for that matter) does not utilize any melee weapon rules, unless the weapon’s rule specifically says otherwise.