Does anyone have the Company of Iron stats in PDF format?

Does anyone have the Company of Iron stats in PDF format?

Doesn’t have to be in a card format. I’m just looking and thinking I’ll go crazy if I try to do screenshots of everything!

Stats? Doesn’t it just use the MK3 model cards? PP’s card exporter from Mk3 is still operational:

The Company of Iron cards modified the base stat cards to remove references to adding/removing focus/fury, add references to drawing cards, and included modifiers to hand size and other C.o.I. specific mechanics.

You’d better get them out of the War Room 2 app while you have the chance! :slight_smile:

They weren’t available in a non-digital format.

Huh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them then. I do have some old documents somewhere that give individual models a “hand size” cost, or whatever it was called. I never ended up playing CoI even though I bought and assembled a few models specifically for that game mode. Story of my life tbh; someday I’ll have a game of Riot Quest, I bought all these models for the game after all!

Riot Quest will be MUCH easier to play than COI, Warmachine, etc. It’s very kid friendly. The Facebook group has a ton of posts of us-aged parents who played with their kids.

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My goal was to get enough models for 4 lists assembled and painted then get some people together to play, but I haven’t had time to work on them for a while; busy with other stuff including Monpoc and Mk4.