Discussion of the Blood Witch class

I remember first reading this class and doing the math on how many spells I could cast before I ran out of hit points. I’d have about 18 at third level, so I could only cast one spell, and that’s if nobody was hitting me…

Then I read on. Oh! Cast black poison, attack, and use the weapon damage plus 2d8 poison to fuel the next spell, or just use brutal strike, and most of the spells are buffs and debuffs.

The Blood Witch is mean and unique. The new spells are excellent and mostly there for a reason.

I love the Blood Witch.

Notes: I think Crimson Strike is once per rest until 6th level. It doesn’t explicitly say so, but if the lack of clarification is confusing, I think that’s the way to do it.

The 6th level stunning strike is a bit disappointing, considering how unique the rest of the class is. I might switch this to a level of exhaustion, link the number of uses to proficiency bonus, or both.

Blood Divination is a bit bleh, and you don’t get any other features beyond some flavourful spells until 13. The Blood Seer is overall a little all over the place.

The Night Witch at level 3 is a brutal thing. Heavily obscured, hide, and then launch a sneak attack. Think I’ll be multiclassing this into Rogue.

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