Defenses. Not so much used these days

Defences are rarely picked these days.

I think it would be better to give some for free to some scenerios, rather than being a card. They seem pretty balanced - but rare. None of my opponents took the card this year at Welsh. Neither did I.

The main reason I like defences is they are not flat and add colour to the battle field.

Just add them on as optional terrain set by the players before the game starts.

A big issue for them is placing them anywhere useful can be very difficult because 3” of objective/obsruction rule can be very difficult.

I disagree with the opening thesis.

I ran a 13-player Steamroller last weekend. Roughly half the players used Defenses.

Do we have any data on Defenses from larger events? Welsh Masters, etc?

I think the original previewed way of getting defenses was better. The rules though were wacky.

I just looked thought the top 30, 60 lists, and counted 2 picks of defenses.

I got tired then. It’s all on long shanks.

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That’s still a pretty good representation though.

That’s terrible representation, I think, at only 3.33%.

Ahh, I should have said sample size, not representation.

So, the question now is "Why don’t we see them?
Are other cards viewed as being better choices?
Was the cost and hassle (especially international) not worth the benefit? Something else?