Defenses for my Circle and Mercs/Minions

Felt the PP Defense models did not fit the less technologically advanced factions, so decided to build some with bits from TabletopArt, as they had sponsored a local event and also provided 10% off vouchers :grin:


Those look amazing there.

Nice, they look good!

Awesome! I am uncertain if Iโ€™ll do my Storm Legion ones from the ground up or convert the PP ones. I think the Barriers and Spike Traps will be relatively easy to work with, but I mean. It has to be some sort of lightning gizmo for the barrel and another, bigger lightning gizmo for the Fire Pit.

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An old Storm Tower would be good options.

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Good idea, although Iโ€™ll have to jazz it up to avoid any confusion with the model when it comes out for Legacy.

Also, I donโ€™t have any because I haven never played the blues before now. But that could probably be arranged.

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You could bits it, place it on a different base, etc.