Curse bound speculation


Prophecy had long warned that when the Dark Prince of Umbrey fell, a great doom would come to Khador. Halexus, the Warlord, is but one harbinger of that doom…

Halexus is a powerful character solo

first this guy, for me he is the least exciting part of the cadre(this says a lot of the quality of the product), so powerfull character solo, safe to assume that he is a combat monster


While prized as warriors by the Orgoth, not all Ulkor prove to possess the regimented discipline of the Sea Raiders. But there are always fellblades awaiting their next wielder…

love those guys, probably tough infantry blenders


One of the many races subjugated by the Orgoth, the fearsome Ghrotten are prized for their strength and sturdiness as well as their innate ability to act as conduits for their masters’ dark magics.

Grhotten champion, my second favorite model of the cadre, probably a spell suoport with high ofensive combat capabilities


As adept at commanding warjacks as he is at dominating warbeasts, Oriax, The Soul Slaver, leads the Cursebound into battle alongside hordes of Sea Raiders, reaving the life essence of the Orgoth’s enemies and bending it to his will

So the caster, its my second least favorite model, astethicaly i like Halexus more, but this model is both a warcaster and a warlock confirmed by PP

And last but not least(probably, if they have more models and are the same price of the other cadres ohh boy this will be the best value) The Grhotten keeper

so my favorite model on the cadre, probably more durable than the champion and more expensive, most likely will have shield guard, in addition of being a chaneller

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Oh, I didn’t realize that there are two different Grhotten models, well this makes this Cadre really interesting :smiley:


I feel like Horruskh is going to get pretty good mileage out of the new Ulkor and definitely the Ghrotten keeper.

I also wonder if the Ghrotten were the beasts that had their souls stripped from them to power the tyrants.

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For a moment(a week) i feared that it was only 6 models and halexus was tge second large base solo,and if it were to be the same price as the others would be the worst vallue

That could be the case, but i got the feeling that the Ghrotten are too "civilized "to be warbeasts.
And i hope not, im eager to see more orgoth homeland beasties, everything that wasnt human that came from there was amazing(Rhoks, Ulkor, Taraskadon now the ghrotten)

Looks like its 3 solos, 1 caster, and 1 unit right now.

Most likely will be it, if there is more great, bot i highly doubt it, now its the wait and see game if Oriax is a medium or small base(probably medium)

So second orgoth army confirmed, and as hordes? I like how this is looking, the orgoth warjacks never really did it for me. Might pick these up after i finish with brinebloods.

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Not confirmed as the second highly hinted as the second army, but was confirmed that an orgoth army in the futere will be warlock lead, so we(the comunity) are speculating second army will have warbeasts

Not confirmed-confirmed but we like speculation and the timings seems to check out.

IF they are showing the 4 first cadres and expect them to release between now and early 2024, it is possible that 2nd Armies go also in order at some point in 2024.

The Orgoth Hordes Army must be from that 2nd Armies batch (because the caster managing Fury and Warbeasts kind of confirms it) so Orgoth 2nd Army should come around Old Umbrey, that may be a near future release since it’s name is already dropped and the Cadre will be ready soon.

IF they make Orgoth 2nd Army as part of the 2 unannounced hordes armies (and is a big if), then they kind of “compress” releases and SKUs, and they could release Khador,Cygnar, etc 2nd Armies just next after the last “unannounced hordes” Army is released (March for example?).