Could we get individual factions sections?

Dedicated hub spaces for Orgoth, Khador, Cygnar etc.


Yeah, I will second this. Otherwise this place will be just as disorganized as the old forums and nobody will want to use them.


Right now you should be able to sort by tag so if you want to look for stuff for Orgoth for example you can search that tag. If that doesn’t end up working the way we intend it will definitely go back to the drawing board and take a look at making more subgroups


When you make a post do you give it tags? I am not familiar with this social hub.

I definitely help keep things centralized for faction strategies.

When you make a post do you give it tags? I am not familiar with this social hub.

Yea when you make or edit a Topic in the Warmachine category you can add an option tag or tags.

Can you work on adding faction tags? I only see a couple of faction ones. Orgoth would be one of the tags missing. When searching for that specific tag there are no results.

I think you can edit this very thread (your initial post) and add the Orgoth tag yourself, as a test to see if they are working as intended (and then remove it, maybe?)

If I understood it correctly, we are able to create tags

Orgoth tag isn’t available. Alot of faction tags aren’t here yet.

Yep, saw it now, I was under the impression that users could create the tags themselves :frowning:

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Orgoth is missing anything else?

Users are not able to create tags at this time but something we may work into

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Circle, Crucible, Dusk, Grymkin, Legion, Mercenaries, Protectorate, Retribution, Skorne and Troll bloods.

I’d like to support the use of tags versus subforums. I feel that having a chance to see everything at once is helpful, and then folks can filter down as they need. Besides, someone might post something widely useful that might get missed if it’s only in Faction X subforum.

Faction tags are good. I’d maybe add the army-sizes plus perhaps Casual and Tournament tags. What’s good/bad at Casual levels isn’t the same as Tournament level.

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I see all the Legacy factions that you mention when I search tags, are you sure they don’t come up? If not I wonder if it’s some sort of automated permissions thing?

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If you start typing a search term more will appear, it seems to prioritize displaying the tags that are already in use.

Searching for the ones I listed don’t appear. They need to be added in, hence the list for Adam.

I understand, that’s why I mentioned it might be a weird permissions thing. When the beta testing for the hub was going on we discovered a few odd things about the way Discourse handles permissions. I’m not saying you’re doing anything wrong, I’m trying to help troubleshoot the issue.

For whatever reason it looks like most of your list does show up when I search it, save for Skorne, Circle, and Legion:

One thing we discovered during testing is that Discourse automatically locks some features until a user has been on the forums for a bit, so maaayybe something is going on with that?

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There also needs to be a Rules tag.