Copper Coast Tabletop Gamers - Wallaroo - South Australia - Australia

We are community supports wargame club found in Wallaroo in South Australia. We have ‘Make Believe Mondays’ - where you can join in and play some RPG’s e.g. Iron Kingdoms. We also have ‘Wargame Wednesday’ where a large group of us are playing an assortment on Wargames - particularly Warmachine. We also have ‘Throwdown Thursdays’ where players play a random assortment of board/card games - Level 7 or High Command anyone? :smiley:

We also run 2 warmachine (YorkonQUEST and March Fourth) events each year, where players from all over the state make the drive for some competitive and fun games!

Join our Facebook group (look up Copper Coast Tabletop Gamers’ and/or message below!

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