Convergence strategy help

Hello everybody! I pulled my hand on a small convergence lot, and i would like some help from the community on how to play with them, specifically with a bunch of casters i got
And on how to use induction. I can see how to.start induction, and how use It with shooting jack.the problem basically Is with hth jack and induction. Do you have some strategy on how to best apply induction in hth? I found often myself out of range to “autofuel” focus going face to face with enemy.

The caster i got

Sintherion : no problem, battiegroup caster, combined army approach

Aurora1: not yet tested on the field , She seems about mobility and precision strike.

Lucant: seems heavy infantry centric , maybe with jack.

Orion master configurator : cant understand him, Need heavy help

May take even axis, here difficulty Is to make induction works in an hth build of jack as shooting jack are really bad with rat2… He Is melee centric.

Thanks in Advance!

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Hi there. Lucant is your anchor in many pairings. He favors several heavy vectors, primarily Inverters and Conservators, as well as a solo or two and at least one unit of Reciiprotators. At 75-100pts he also brings a Corollary light warjack to fuel parts of his battlegroup going forward and away fromthe rest. He plays very bricky lists, clusters together, tries to take it on the chin with his feat and then hit hard back with positive charge. He absolutely does not like things that stop him from moving up his slow army or swarmds of weapon master infantry that overwhelm his feat. He likes to use the Inverter’s knockdown weapon with Watcher, and ti play up as a result.

Aurora1 is an infantry caster primarily, relying on Clockwork and Negation Angels as well as jacks that can follow up on her infantry.

Syntherion wants vectors and more vectors. He also probably wants a Prime Axiom Colossal to really shine. This model is not out in the app until August.

Orion is your solve to armies with a lot of Stealth or armies that rely on magical (not feat) defenses. His jacks move up, shoot and induct, and pull back with Reposition. His feat mean his vectors hit warrior models easily and are usually able to put a lot of damage on Warlock-led armies (as there will hopefully be Fury on them) or on warjacks (where you can put Forced Induction on them to give them FOC for the feat). He runs ranged vectors almost exclusively and uses Avenging Force from dead warrior models to extend the threat range of a vector.

Axis is a solve to melee centered armies as his feat can neuter them. He does need to play up and his feat is a “pulse” - only the models in his CTRL as he feats are affected to you want the Hit & Run card to pull back after feating to safety. His feat also extends the threat range of his jacks and he can use his spells to push models away from vectors are he charges up.

Now for melee Induction. It is a tough nut and the issues with it has been with Convergence since the beginning. The short answers: in larger points games you can save up Focus on the Corollary to grant focus to vectors playing forward. You can also carefully place your models to try to just be in range to induct backward when your vectors charge (Axis fails at this). It is all about VERY careful positioning and realizing that when you charge, you are not going to get a lot of Focus inducted. Axis’ Iron Aggression vector should always be the last to charge as it can pick up the focus used to charge other jacks. Lucant also often foregoes charging to just run in and survive the engaggement and then induct from vector to vector in his little close packed gang.

Another solution is your two Journeyman Warcasters. Asphyxious the Sanctified is another pool of 5 Focus, the Dark Shroud ability to increase your melee damage, and is an excellent combat solo in his own right. Nemo4 can be put into lists with little ranged presence to begin with (Lucant, Axis and others with low RAT) to fuel a ranged jack and the Diffuser (that will give you free charges and increased threat range) to provide some much needed range coverage and can also send his jacks in. I like the Assimilator and Monitor with him in Axis or Lucant lists.

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Mhhh atm i have acquired a couple of units,jack and solo, and i dont have only aurora2 and the Aurum as warcaster. I am without the 2 Nemo and asphyx4. I Will experiment a bit .

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