Convention Saint-Lawrence Open 2020

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that on October 14, 2023 we will have a place at the Sait-Lawrence Open convention. This convention will be held at Montréal Canada. This convention was originally only for AMG Games but this year they are opening the doors for another game to become a full-fledged convention and Warmachine got the invitation. So I am organizing a tournament at this convention. Being the first time another game is invited we don’t have a lot of room this year but being present opens the doors for the following year so help the community and fill the event like that next year we can Ask for more room until maybe one day have the opportunity to become a Masters.

The details of the event are as follows, L’Abyss is the store hosting the convention for a 2nd year in a row, the cost of the activity will be $20.

Places are limited to 12 at the moment but if we reach 12 quickly I will try to ask the organizer if we can increase to have more places but nothing guaranteed at this level.

All additional information is available on the St-Lawrence Open website at .

I hope to see many of you and thank you for taking the time to read me. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to join me on Messenger by email at

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You’re quite a distance from me, so I won’t be attending. I wish you the absolute best of luck, though!

Rock the house with an amazing turnout! :slight_smile:

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