Controller placing with hauler

How does a Controller placing a spike trap interact with the last line of it’s spike hazard rule?

“You models do not suffer damage from these terrain features if you placed them.”

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These two threads should answer your question:

(Based on what Chuck said, the intent of that “placed” is “placed them before the game started.”)

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But that specifically specifies the 3" away from objectives and such,…

I don’t think it’s intended for the controller to take control of the defence (pun intended), but I would like to be sure

It does not take control of the piece

If im understanding the question if your hauler was to place an opponent’s spike trap it does not become the hauler’s controlling player

Ok, controlling was a bit of a pun. :wink:
As written, the controller does place the defence, and spike pit says it doesn’t damage your troops if you placed it. And it does get a bit fussy there.

Mind you, I think (even as a Winterkorps player), it should still damage your models. The Controller’s ability to move the trap away is good enough without the shenanigans.

I just would a formal ruling. :slight_smile:

Chuck IS the formal ruling. :slightly_smiling_face: That’s what the “Infernal” title indicates.