Concealment, prowl, and extra large and larger bases

Extra large and larger models do not gain a defense bonus from concealment. Prowl reads: “when this model has concealment it gains stealth” to me this reads that an 80mm or 120mm battle engine with prowl can gain stealth even if it’s not getting the defense bonus from concealment.

I know this has a clarification in the previous edition but I can’t remember it so I wanted to double check.

the “Great Machine” and “Great Beast” rules say they can’t have stealth as well as other things. but battle engines don’t have that.

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Is having concealment contingent upon gaining the +2 DEF bonus? Likewise, is having cover contingent upon gaining the +4 DEF bonus?

(I feel confident the answer is “you still have concealment/cover even if you aren’t getting the DEF bonus”, but I’m preemptively tagging an official answer in.)

The model in question would gain stealth