Colossal Question on Superstructure

Colossals are new to me. I am reading the rules and it says “A colossal’s special rules determine the effects of a crippled system.”

So I go to the Cryx Sepulcher to look for this to be called out, yet there is nothing that appears to indicate what special rule is linked to the superstructure system. Does this mean it looses Body Snatcher and Death industry? Or does he lose Bulldoze as well which seems to be on all colossals? Or does this mean they lose all special rules tied to their weapons like Arcing fire, volume fire and drag or does this mean he looses amphibious, pathfinder, etc that come from icons. If this does he then lose construct because that is an icon and they can now no longer be repaired?

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Sometimes certain special rules are associated with the superstructure system, and if you lose them when that system is crippled, the special rule will specify this. For the Sepulcher, you will note that the Desolator ranged weapon is at the S location, so you will lose that.


Well, not lose. It will be treated like a crippled weapon system.

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That makes sense and I feel bad for having missed that. Man the rule book could have literally said to look for the Box with the S in it and that would have been way more clear to me. Thank you!

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Superstructure works the same as any system like Head or Left or Right arm. So if a weapon has an S on it that means it’s tied to the Superstructure and if the Superstructure is crippled than you treat that weapon the same way you would treat a crippled arm.

In some cases certain abilities will be tied to the Superstructure, but if that’s the case it will be called out in the description of the ability. So for example on the Cygnar Stormwall the last 2 sentences of the Activate Lightning Pod ability is

The S boxes of this model’s damage grid represent its Lightning Pod system. While its Lightnin Pod system is crippled, this model cannot use Activate Lightning Pod

If the model has an ability that doesn’t explicitly say it’s tied to the S boxes on the grid than they aren’t.


It won’t always be a weapon systems. My Protectorate Colossals get some special rules and abilities they lose when the S is disabled, but they don’t lose any weapons.

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