Clubs and Stores near Oslo, Norway

There are three clubs in the Oslo/Drammen region that play Privateer Press games, and one store that carries the company’s products in two locations, Oslo and Drammen. Be sure to check out their Facebook pages and join their Discords to get in touch with them!

The 2d6 Gaming Club is the largest and occupies two floors of an old office building near the Central Station:

2d6 tends more toward the competitive side of gaming, but you can find many casual players there too. Its members play Warmachine and Warcaster as well as Monsterpocalypse. You have to be a member to play, but one can play 2 times to try out the club before you apply for membership.

The OMSK (Oslo Miniatyrspillklubb) has a floor in an old building about 10 minutes from the central station and can accomodate parking.

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OMSK tends more toward the casual scene but there are competitive players there too. They play a great many miniature games, including all PP games. The club has a similar membership system to OMSK but also has two open play days, Thursdays and Sundays, every week. You can also buy daily passes for NOK 50,- (about $5) to the club if there are any members there to open the doors for you. A Midgard Games outlet is open on those days in the club. It also has an active RPG scene.

DSF (Drammen Spillforening) is located in downtown Drammen and is similar to OMSK, playing all PP games. It doesn’t have any open play days (see below for Midgard Games, though) but you can buy daily passes for NOK 50,-

DSF has locales in the same building as Midgard Games (, a physical and online game shop with a great selection of PP games. Midgard is open tuesdays and thursdays 1800-2200 and saturdays and sundays 1200-1800. There is play space in the store but it often sends players up to the club to meet the community.

All told there are close to 300 players organized in the three clubs. Visiting any of them is a great way to meet the norwegian gaming community!