Clarification on Normal Movement to Aim

Question on using your Normal Movement to Aim:

  1. Do you chose one model to be the ‘Aim’ model and than place all other models into 2" bubble around it?

  2. Do none of them move at all?

If number 2 is the correct answer what happens to the models outside of 2" from each other due to reposition from last turn or models destroyed last turn? I am looking at a unit like Shock Trooper Gunners as a prime example of wanting to Aim but reposition the turn before to be further than 2" from one another.

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The unit movement begins with the stipulation of “When a unit advances as part of its Normal Movement…”
Aiming ends the Normal Movement step immediately, so there is no Advance, and therefore no placement.


The within 2" only matters during a Normal Advance, Charge, or Run. If they are more than 2" apart and they all sacrifice to aim than they just don’t move, they don’t have to be within 2" if they don’t move.