Character Art for a Stream Game

Hi, all! Next week I’m going to start streaming an IK Requiem game and I was hoping to get some character art for my beautiful and delightful character that I can use on stream. Seryncia is a Satyxis Controller Warcaster who is reluctantly working for Cygnar. Initially she was a prisoner of CRS, captured after being thrown from her ship and washed ashore unconscious. When the Infernals started their invasion, someone remembered that she was there and she was given the choice - fight to protect other Cygnarans from Infernals and gain amnesty or try to survive The Claiming on her own.

She chose not to go it alone.

The campaign starts at Level One, so her light warcaster armor is of Cygnaran design.

One of her most common covers is as a captive, with the others in the party being the ones who have her as a prisoner. Her clapped-out jack pulling her in a cage-on-a-cart behind it with her weapons in a bag at its side.

I don’t make any money streaming, maybe one day I will, but I can toss some money towards a commission. I’d just like to have some custom art for my token and character portrait.