Carver 1 / Magvictus Animosity?

After the Jan 10 update, Carver 1 lists which contain Magnus & Invictus are flagged as invalid due to Animosity between Carver & Magnus. I see no mention of this in the Jan 10 notes. Can we please have confirmation whether this is intentional or a a bug?

I assume Carver2 has animosity with Magvictus to prevent double super heavy lists (fair), but Carver 1 also displays the animosity warning. Neither Magnus nor Carver has animosity listed as a rule visibly somewhere. So there just be some hidden configuration or rules interacting on the app.

It would be a real bummer if the animosity extended backwards to Carver1 and Magnus1, making them the only prime casters unable to field a super heavy once Carver2 releases. Doubly sad in Thornfall who have no Garg and therefore Invictus is their biggest heavy available. It’s a pretty big downside for Carver1 and Magnus1’s power within their armies to not have access to such a potent tool, imo.


I also don’t see the Animosity rules on either of their cards though.

Here’s what it looks like in the list builder.

Sure, but the cards don’t have the rule. Therefore it should be assumed to be a list building error.
If I were using pen and paper to build a list, nothing says I can’t have them both.

Yeah I think reasonable people would agree. It’d be nice for PP to clarify intention or fix the bug to avoid grognard arguments. Guess we’ll see Wed if their weekly update contains fixes to things that may have gone sideways in the app on the 10th.

There is also a technical reason this is happening and it could very well be hidden animosity text that will be implemented with Carver2s release in the future. So I would take the opportunity to reiterate that’d be unfortunate to limit Magnus1 and Carver1 if that is the plan.

This interaction is intentional but released prematurely. These are lore reasons Mags and Carver are none to friendly to one another but I suppose that lore is yet to be released.

I’ll make sure to add a note in the next release notes.

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I hope this is looked at again because while I did read the lore and I understand the animosity for magvictus and new carver. However from a game perspective having the animosity be backward for caver1 is a big nerf. Carver1 will have no access to removing defenses and the new addition of scatter terrain beyond the meat threasher.