Can you hex blast rock wall?

Is there a situation where hex blast would cause the rock wall upkeep to be dispelled?

The spell is an upkeep spell, but it is not on a target model. The wall is terrain and does not have any rules allowing it to be targeted or hit by attacks; therefore it cannot be affected by Hex Blast, because Hex Blast only affects models.


That’s interesting, I wonder if it’s worth adding rules to allow terrain to be targeted in this sort of situation?

probably not, part of the reason rockwall is good is that it cannot be disenchated easily…

If you change the spell it has ripple effects that affect other stuff and AFAIK its not a problem? I’ve never heard people complaining atleast?

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For what it’s worth: the Hex Blast (and Lamentation) question has come up in every single edition of the game, heh.

It’s just one of those things. Upkeep spells are almost always RNG SELF or target model/unit. This is just one of the exceptions and it always causes brief, mild confusion for those who haven’t encountered it before.


Thanks for the answer Michael!

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Sure thing! I am happy I could help! :slightly_smiling_face: