Can threads of life negate auto damage attacks such as sniper?

Threads of life on vaelyss reads “when a model is hit by an enemy attack … The model does not suffer a damage roll from the attack” sniper reads “instead of making a damage roll to resolve a ranged attack this model can inflict one point of damage”

I believe that threads of life would trigger on step 7 while sniper would apply on step 8 of the attack sequence but I want to double check

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I would guess that it would not stop the 1 point of damage as there would be no damage roll to not take damage from.

I would appreciate if people with rules questions specified which model has the rule, or quoted the entire rule. It would make it easier to answer.

But as Threads of life triggers on “model hit”, ie. Step 7 in the Attack resolution sequence, my interpretation is that the resolution would never proceed to Step 8, where the Sniper would choose to inflict one damage point instead of making a roll.

(For future searches: Dhunian Archon.)

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Good point. Edited my original post to include that threads is on vaelyss

I’m pretty sure the answer will be “Sniper still inflicts 1 damage point”, with the rationale being “Threads of Life prevents a damage roll, but Sniper inflicts damage without a damage roll.”

But, this is a question of intent, so:

Paging @elswickchuck ! :slightly_smiling_face: Please see the original post.

We’ll let Chuck answer definitively but im pretty confident that RAW threads of life will stop sniper due to the timing chart. Sniper is decided at step 8 and threads of life resolves prior to that and prevents you from getting to make that choice.

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(This is essentially the same situation as MK II / MK III Vision. As I recall, that was ruled in Sniper’s favor for the rationale listed above. However, per my policy of “Rulings that you can’t cite don’t exist”, I’ve asked for a fresh ruling on it this edition. :slight_smile: )

According to warmachine university (not a great source, I know), there was an infernal ruling in line with my answer. But only chuck can confirm that.

Threads of life will stop the sniper point of damage