Can one piece of terrain be a double objective?

If there is a large enough piece of terrain that both flags are in range to choose it as objective terrain can they? If the terrain becomes an objective twice do you get two points for scoring it?

I’m going to posit that the intent is very much “no”, because allowing double-scoring (or score + deny scoring) like that really screws up the pacing.

It would become possible to win Payload on the first scoring turn, for example.

However, nothing in the rules says that you can’t put to Flags into one terrain feature though.
With a 3x6" terrain feature, and being able to choose a terrain piece within 5" of a Flag, if there are 16" or fewer between Flags this can happen.

I would also add that a flag being in a Terrain Feature causes the Terrain Feature to become an Objective Terrain, which does not double up. So if both players choose the same terrain feature, it would only score once as the rules simplybsay that you score if you are holding an Objective Terrain.

One terrain piece can not be 2 “flags” in this example

Is there anything currently in the rules to support this, or is it just Ruled as such for now?

Currently as ruled for now

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