Can Bradigus take the Druid Wilder in his army in MK4?

Bradigus has Stonebuilder:

Only construct warbeasts can be part of this model’s battlegroup. This model cannot take control of wild living warbeasts.

Druid Wilder has Attached:

Before the start of the game, attach this model to a friendly Faction Leader for the rest of the game. Each leader can only have one model/unit attached to it. The attached model is a part of its Leader’s battlegroup.

Is there some specific timing where you get to have a model that isn’t a construct warbeast in Bradigus’s battlegroup because it is attached to leader after list creation but before the start of the game?

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(I am not PP, nor is this from an official PP answer)

Because the rule clarifies constructs only - no living warbeasts, I’d say that he can take the wilder because the way the rule is written, it’s only discussing Warbeasts.