Bumbles, painting contest entry

Painted this to train my NMM. Participated in the Ropecon painting contest, Large Miniature category, but didn’t place. Of course, the poor bear was barely (bearly?) visible among all those HUGE models that went in the same category. (And, of course, some entries were just better painted.)

I wanted the base to tell a tale that would explain that smug, fake-innocent look on his face.

One of the most mind-wracking moments was taking the brush to all those surfaces I had spent hours upon hours blending to paint the little scratches on the armor plates. “What if I slip and screw this up?” But I think mostly they turned out okay.


Awesome job man, I really like what the snowman brings to the model.

I think it looks pretty good! The torso armor looks very vibrant and draws the eye pretty well!

The ear protector piece looks a bit rough; that is the only fault I can find with the model.

The snowman is a nice touch! Very nice! :slight_smile:

The snowman is a great idea! The eyes are very impressive.

You’re right, it looks like rubbish in the photo. That particular purple Citadel wash leaves a finish that cameras hate - I’ve since moved away from using it for gold/yellow.