Bulldoze + Unit Placement Timing

Does placement of the non-moving models in a unit still count as normal movement for Bulldoze…? You could walk up to a small or medium base model, place one of yours on the far side and bump it back toward the first, then both get both melee and ranged attacks on it…

I assume the answer to this is Yes.

Second Question, are models placed before or after bulldoze from the first model resolves? i.e. If I move my first suppressor into B2B with a model I want to pummel, can I place another Suppressor behind it to prevent the bulldoze from going the full 2" or does the push happen before the place?



I believe both of your questions were recently answered in the middle of this other thread.

Bulldoze happens any time a model contacts another model during it’s Normal Movement, so the moving trooper can Bulldoze other models before it completes its move. Once it completes it’s move all other troopers are simultaneously placed within 2" of it, at which point they trigger Bulldoze against any models they are B2B with.

So I believe the answers are
1: Yes
2: It’s up to you. Bulldoze is any time during Normal Movement that you contact another model, trooper placement is after the moving model has finished Normal Movement.


I wanted to follow up on this because there are two possible ways to interpret your question.

  1. Suppressor advances, contacts model, continues advancing
    If the first Suppressor is still advancing as part of its Normal Movement and it’s going to keep advancing after contacting the enemy model, then no, you can’t place the second Suppressor to limit the push distance. The rest of the Suppressors are only placed once the moving model’s advance ends.

This all happens as part of Step 4 in the Activation Timing chart, and the placing of the rest of the unit does not happen until step 5:

  1. Suppressor advances, contacts model, decides to end advance

This one actually seems a bit trickier to me, but I’ll provide the most sensible interpretation that I have.

The rest of the unit is placed as part of Step 5 in the Activation Timing chart, as above. By definition, the models in the unit are B2B with the enemy models during their normal movement, because we haven’t moved onto step 6 yet.

B2B is B2B; Bulldoze does not say “when it contacts”, it just says “B2B.” So, it seems the most sensible to me to:

  • Suppressor #1 advances and contacts model. It is B2B with the model.
  • Suppressor #1 stops advancing. The unit is still in Step 5, which means they’re still in Normal Movement.
  • Suppressor #2 gets placed where you want to limit the Bulldoze push.
  • Suppressor #1, because it’s still B2B with the model and still in Normal Movement, decides to Bulldoze.

But…that’s a little convoluted. :slight_smile: Note that Bulldoze says “can push that model up to 2” away", which means you can choose the push distance.

Is there a particular scenario you had in mind when you asked this question…? I’m curious!

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If you had an enemy model blocking part of the ideal landing zone for one of the placed models, I could see it there.
So, you move model A into position, it stops, pushes enemy model x away enough that Friendly B can be placed in part of the space that X used to be in.

Mostly I wanted to be able to charge, bulldoze, and surround a model and get melee and ranged attacks on it. I didn’t reread MK4 bulldoze to see you choose the distance of the push. So, with the new rule, you don’t need a backstop, you just choose to push only 1"

You should be able to do exactly that. :slight_smile:

Unit placement rules are pretty generous in practice; you should be able to get the other two Suppressors within 1" of your charge target and within 2" of the model that advanced, except in all but the most cramped quarters.

keep in mind that the models placed must both be within 2" and LOS.

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