Brittle printed resin?


I managed to drop my freshly painted Minicrate Athena, Goddess of War, from a height of ~two feet (a bit over 60 cm) onto a relatively soft carpet, and the model snapped from the ankle, as well as the lance’s butt end.

I understand that miniatures are not meant to be dropped, but such a measly fall onto a cushioned surface shouldn’t break anything.

I’ve read that if the printed product is overcooked under the UV light during the post-printing phase, it will make the resin brittle. (Prolonged exposure to sunlight would also do this, but it’s been winter here in Finland, so any sort of sunlight has been nonexistent for months.) So that’s the most likely explanation.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? And more importantly, is this the level of brittleness I should expect from PP printed resin?

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That sounds unusually brittle. You should visit and/or send an email to :slight_smile:

I considered that, but I don’t really need a replacement for the model. I mean, I already spent three weeks painting it for a painting competition, and I don’t intend to paint another one.

I opened this thread because I wanted to hear whether this is an isolated incident, ie. nothing worth reporting, or whether it’s part of a larger problem, in which case more direct feedback to PP might be in order.

I think it’s worth reporting.

PP can’t afford another slip in quality on the models after the launch quality being so brittle and poor.

So if quality is slipping, they need to figure out why and fix it.

My most recent models were the Annihilators cadre. They did not exhibit the behavior you described. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have not attempted to empirically verify, but I believe they could suffer a fall to carpet without issue.

I dropped two models since i play mk4, a Man-o-war Wrecking Crew and a Winter korps sniper from a height of 2~3feet. The sniper broke of at the ankels and the man-o-war lost his left side, breaking into 5 pieces. A Greatbear lost an arm while i was transporting my army to a friend, and one of the Storm lance Legionnaires lost a part of his lance while i was trying to bend it with warm water. And i think around 5% of my bought models arive with broke of parts.
The resin is brittle, but glueing is so much better as in the past. I hate metal models with a passion.