Blessed vs Omodos feat and spell Locked Horns

The spell gives the ability Unyielding, does blessed get around this because its a spell or does jt not because rhe spell gives rhe ability which blessed cannot pass an ability?

Also for the feat if it does get around it as its a spell does it surpass rhe feat too?

Bleasing only igores sraight stat alteration, locked horns gets around that by not giving a straight bonus, but an ability that grants the bonus


Thats how we played it, but I could see it both ways as its still a spell, it’s one of the only loop holes in blessing ive wver seen

As Gabriel said, Blessed ignores Def and Arm bonuses from spells. It does not ignore other effects, and if the other effects give stat bonuses, Blessed does not ignore them. So Blessed does not get past the bonus from Locked Horns.

That’s how it’s always been, this isn’t a new situation.

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Blessed will not ignore Locked Horns

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New to me, but thanks for answering way to backhand it in there lol (this isnt a new) was uneeded as its not in the forums here. If new players come in and get that response just doesn’t boost comunity discourse or comraderie.

Yep that’s how we played it Chuck, was just a topic that came up during game night with new players and it got me thinking.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. When Gabriel told you how how it worked and you seemed unconvinced, I mentioned that it wasn’t a new sitution to try to explain that we weren’t just expressing our interpretation of the rules, but that we know how it works because it’s a common situation that players have been experiencing for years, so you can trust our answer. It wasn’t meant as a criticism of the question itself, and I wasn’t trying to belittle you for asking it.

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Thank you, gotta love no inflection online. Ya my players were back and forth over it, and now it’s in the forums in case it comes up again for anyone else. May have been in the old forums but they’re gone. Rebuilding the info one intrraction at a time :smiley:

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No problem what so ever here

Always ask when unsure