Black tide strategic advantages

Reading the black tide pack, in having trouble finding rules for spending war chest points. The possibilities it lists (and what I can see in the app)

  • command cards: can see 5 campaign only command cards that I assume this refers to
  • character upgrades: I can see an entry in the app. Taking medevista as an example, I assume I start with a great bear with slammer, mace and fist, and for each upgrade can get medevista signature arm, arm, head, bond. While the upgrades are clear, the process for starting is not
  • strategic advantages: I found a downloadable list of war chest upgrades so can see their names, but not what they do.

Am I right that some parts are unavailable? (notably strategic advantages, and some connecting rules that can be inferred for characters)

Or am I missing something obvious?

My understanding is that you can start with any Great Bear loadout, but given that the point cost stays the same as you upgrade the jack it makes sense to run the cheapest loadout possible which I believe is what’s pre-configured in the (Campaign) entry for

Regarding the character jacks: the rules are found in the Black Tide Season 2 rules. Here’s an explanation though:

You start with “Medveditsa (Campaign)” and use that loadout. It’s a fixed 12-point loadout and Medveditsa stays 12 points for the life of the campaign.

You can spend 3 war chest points to upgrade Medveditsa after a game. You have to upgrade both arms before you can upgrade the cortex, and you have to upgrade the cortex before you can upgrade the bond.

The exact order in which arm gets upgraded first is up to you, as is the bond you choose.

As for all the War Chest stuff: I swear I thought I saw some of those cards somewhere at some point. Maybe they were accidentally pushed out and hidden later, or maybe they were pushed out and accidentally removed?

You should drop an email to and ask about that. :slight_smile: There’s also a post on here about it (and Matt Wilson chimed in to answer some questions), but I can’t find the magic keyword to locate it at the moment.

On characters - I agree with you on how I think it works, but the text says they start with “a stock loadout”. From context in the app, there is a campaign medveditsa with 2 options for each arm / head. I assume I start with the non-character version and switch as I upgrade, but it isn’t stated.

I can also already see SaltTitan has interpreted it differently to us (that you can start from any stock loadout rather than the options listed), so wondered if it was stated explicitly.

The stock loadout is the loadout the model has when it’s added. :slight_smile:

In this case, that’s the Slammer Head, blasting fist, mace, and no bond.