Bison worth grabbing

so the Bison is back in stock on the Privateer press website for the first time in a while. With the Cadre coming out in 3 days (that I’ve already preordered) is it worth it to get the Bison also? I know it’s good unit, but it’s pretty expensive points wise and there’s other things in the army that can help fill it’s role as far as I can tell.

Yes, absolutely!

It’s highly self-sufficient, highly resilient (compared to any non-MoW infantry in the army), has some interesting tech and built-in accuracy buffs (boosted charge attack rolls + Momentum, plus Dual Attack), and gets really nuts with Valerii and his battle plans. :slight_smile:

Oh! Also, it is currently the only non-Invictus model in the army that can drive over Defenses and remove them. :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe not useful if you don’t see them a lot, but it can save you the Sappers command card!

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…at least, until the Colossal comes out…

I personally only get things that look good to paint, and only play painted, so my own personal decisions are on how fun I think it will be to play/paint, rather than competitiveness

I got the annihilators pre-ordered and I just placed an order for my 2nd bison already with my LGS. :grin:

I think having a 2nd one is legit worth it, even with the coming of the Mastodon colossal.

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Besides, it’s so pretty. Much Khador.