Bird Was The Word - Until It Wasn't [Battle Report, Protectorate vs Circle]

75 points.
My army:
Kreoss 2
Fire of Salvation
Exemplar Warder
2x Cinerators
Exemplar Errants
Knights Exemplar
Vassal Mechanik
Vassal of Menoth
Cards: Infiltration, Old Faithful, Savagery, Power Swell, Put the Fires Out

My opponent’s army:
2 Gnarlhorn Satyrs
Storm Raptor
2x Tharn Ravagers
Tharn Ravager White mane
Lord of the Feast

And shout out to this gorgeously painted Storm Raptor, when I could bring nothing for my Colossal but an empty base: (I have the model, it just needs painting! And assembling!)

I went second.

After a first turn of maneuvers and spellcasting (Sacrosanct, Assail on Fire, Inviolable Resolve on Revelator), Kreoss had no Focus, and the Circle player took advantage, moving the Raptor up and blasting Kreoss with lightning. The first shot took out Kreoss’ bodyguard Exemplar Warder, and the second and third shots took out Kreoss… and I rolled for Tough…

…and rolled a 5. I was still in the game.

My run came around, and after some fruitless shooting from my Exemplar Errants that also allowed Kreoss to move into cover, I fired his Feat. I call his feat “The Turn of Murder,” because every melee attack against an enemy in his control range auto-hits, and every friendly in his control range gets a free melee attack… which auto-hits.

My first order of business was to roast a bird. I charged it with Cinerators, wounding it, and then with the Revelator, which killed it. The Revelator then fired some attacks toward the satyrs, damaging one. Fire of Salvation took advantage of Assail to charge the damaged satyr and killed it without spending any focus, leaving it sitting close to Iona but not in melee range of anything. My Knights Exemplar charged and eliminated the other Satyr, Cinerators charged and killed a bunch of Tharns, with the aid of the Savagery card.

The Circle player’s turn, he was in trouble with most of his army gone. But without his Exemplar Warder, Kreoss was exposed, with only the squad of Errants to protect him. The Tharns moved in and attacked my Exemplars, killing three and one Cinerator. He moved the Lord of the Feast forward to engage my Errants at range, but failed to hit with a ranged attack. Iona cast Sure Foot on herself and moved forward with a whopping 18 defense, to try and kill Kreoss in melee.

My turn again. Vengeance by the Cinerators killed the last of the Tharns. Fire of Salvation used its Vengeance to move away from Iona, who had moved into its melee range. There was a reason for this, and that reason was my Errants and Revelator. The Errants fired at Iona, but even with blessed crossbows nullifying her Sure Foot, they couldn’t score a hit. The Revelator tried, and with a boosted attack roll, landed a hit with a Light Bringer. It didn’t do much damage, but it reduced her defense to 16. Fire of Salvation moved in and hit with a boosted attack, dispelling Sure Foot and beating Iona to death.

The righteous Exemplars were very sore and bloodied, but had cleansed the forest of the heretics! And I’d learned some lessons about leaving focus on my caster. Sacrosanct got me nothing, and cost me 3 focus.