Beast-09, Sorcha 3, and Armored Korps

It seems to me that Man O War shocks/demos, Beast 09 with the shield guard + hyper aggressive, and juggernaut are pretty dang awesome and not too pricy. And with Sorscha 3’s feat, the Khador trademark slowness isn’t even a weakness since they can stall for a turn covering the approach.

So mainly looking for how people deal with Beast 09 and Sorscha 3’s ice wall of clouds feat.

I was playing Storm Legion but am now running Brinebloods. Mainly been playing at 50 points but may move up to 75 soon.

Khador’s trademark slowness has been an illusion since the first days of Mk1. Khador has always been the faction with the most tricks to deliver their heavies in the opponent’s face despite starting at SPD4.

Storm Legion has plentiful tools to break heavy armor - Brinebloods less so. The Dire is the only thing with a solid chance to break a Khador heavy, especially if you bring the Rage animus. Unit-wise, Brinebloods are cheaper, don’t hit very hard and are quite fragile. Marauders with Gang and Fury’s Strength barely dent a Shocktrooper or Demo Korps unit with Shield wall and Iron flesh.

With the current model selection, Khador Armored Korps gets to add more heavily armored stuff on the table at higher point levels, whereas the Brinebloods’ only option to try to counter that is adding more dire trolls (or Magnus and Invictus, if you’ve got your hands on them). Of course, even if you go beast-heavy, it’s a good idea to bring some cheap units for Comfort food for better Fury management.

It definitely looks like a challenging matchup for Brinebloods. But a few ideas come to mind:

  • You will have an advantage in numbers. You can afford to sacrifice a unit if it gets a more expensive Man-o-War unit or heavy into a position where you can then destroy it.
  • If the MoW want to benefit from Shield wall, they can’t spread out. This limits their threat ranges and table presence somewhat. An Ambushing unit can disrupt their battle plan in scenarios even if the Pyg grenades aren’t that much of a threat to them.
  • You can afford to spread out. So try to position your troopers in a way that you don’t lose all of them to a charging Beast-09.
  • Beast-09 is a lot more dangerous than a regular Juggernaut, but costs half again as much and dies just as easily. Just be aware that if you decide to charge it with a unit of Marauders and Beast-09 survives, you’re almost guaranteed to lose the whole unit. But it might be worth the trade if you can put serious damage into him and the opponent can’t repair him. (Pyg Boarding party can be used to blow up the mechaniks if your opponent brought any.)
  • If possible, focus on scenario. You have more moving parts on the table than your opponent, so if you can put scenario pressure on them, they can’t just go on murdering your dudes at will.

Some very brief thoughts: you’re going to rack Fury’s Strength. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • The Marauder Crew with Gang and Fury’s Strength go up to effective P+S 15, which is plenty to deal damage to Shocktroopers on a charge.

  • Under 75 points, the army has zero way to deal with Defenses, beyond the Sappers command card.

  • Only half of Brinebloods are out. :slightly_smiling_face: Their other models might fill some gaps!

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Thanks for the tips @Kapoteeni and @Michael .

Definitely good tips. I’ve been struggling to get Scenario presence due to the Sorcha3 feat stalling me out on turn 2.

I’ll have to consider the defenses card for sure as it might help push back that Sorcha3 feat from being so far up the board.

I do have more models but not by a lot especially compared to mk3 days. It seems like everything on the Legacy Khador side went way down in cost while giving up no power (or in the case of the MoW squads two models). I don’t think it is unwinnable by any means (as I have definitely managed to win on scenario or, very rarely, assassination). And yeah, definitely storm legion has an easier time with the MoW and Jacks than Brinebloods but still quite hard deal with.

I think it is just going to take more time to get the movement right to avoid getting decked. But yeah, with 2" range on the MoW models + 7" on the charge they threat 9" compared to the marauders 1" range + 9" charge producing a 10" threat (12" on the no quarter turn with Bosun) so they don’t have that much of an advantage there.

I do have Maggy+Invictus so I will probably build and paint that monster duo to help until further Brineblood releases.

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Looks like Kapo and Michael already have some great advice for you, happy gaming :blush:

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